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Efore Powernet Oy
Martinkyläntie 43
01720 Vantaa



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Efore Powernet Oy

Martinkyläntie 43, 01720 Vantaa, Finland

Efore Powernet Oy

Martinkyläntie 43, 01720 Vantaa, Finland

Sales and Marketing

Mr Jussi Vanhanen
VP Sales & Marketing
Mr Eero Kaasalainen
Key Account Manager
Mrs Ritva Mikkola
Sales Manager
Mr Jari Riikonen
Field Application Engineer
Mr Tuomo Räsänen
Business Development Manager
Mr Mikko Sajavuori
Key Account Manager
Mr Alexander Grabovsky
Key Account Manager

Research and Development

Mr Sten Nordman
R&D Manager

General Management

Mr Vesa Leino
Mr Hannu Hiillos
Mr Samuli Räisänen
Executive Vice President, Technology and Development

Operations and Sourcing

Mr Ari-Pekka Karisto
Director of operations
Mrs Marja Bordi
Component Engineer
Mr Mikko Kuikkaniemi
Quality Manager
Mr Esa Salonen

Order Handling and Logistics

Mrs Eija Immonen
Order Handling/Logistics
Mrs Asta Mönttinen
Order Handling
Mrs Taija Kreander-Kobayashi


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