Custom design

Custom design power supply solutions for your needs

Standard power supplies are not always enough, and Powernet can help when you need a custom design solution. We deliver a product matching your specific requirements down to the smallest detail.

Our expertise in industry-leading solutions is based on extensive experience and in-depth understanding of industrial, rail & transportation, and renewable energy applications. Our product development pays close attention to standards, regulations and intellectual property rights.

Latest technology, high reliability, cost effectiveness

A custom design power supply solution always incorporates the latest technology, high reliability and excellent lifecycle cost effectiveness. This cost effectiveness may also be achieved through an upgrade that significantly prolongs the lifetime of your product.

Ultimately the R&D partnership with Powernet will reduce your own development costs.

Why custom design power supply?

A product that fulfils your requirements in full.​
No surprise version changes​
Put you in control of the product lifecycle.​
You decide when the product has end of life, no uncontrolled last time buys.

Follow the transparent design process

Transparency is essential for good customer relationships and built into our design process. You may monitor the progress of your customised power supply order and influence the process at various review points. We provide current details of the design and manufacturing stages of your product throughout the project.

Built on a proven platform

Each project begins by establishing the product specifications and deliverables. The power supply is then built over the subsequent design and development stages on a proven platform created by Powernet’s experienced development team. The platform approach offers the possibility to combine known building blocks of our design portfolio and shortens the product development time.

Prototypes are built for customer testing and type testing to secure a successful outcome before your custom design product goes into production.

Custom Design Process

1. Identification of needs and requirements, agreed specification, proposal for custom design power

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We will help you to specify your exact power needs, and give you a clear proposal for the product, price and availability.

2. Custom design and supply agreement

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We agree jointly about the technical, commercial and other aspects of the product and its supply conditions.

3. Power Supply Development

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We will develop the specified product keeping you abreast of the progress, ensuring the final product will deliver the performance you need.

4. Prototypes, testing, approvals

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We will provide you with tested prototypes so that we can jointly ensure the product fits your system as specified, and provide with the statutory approvals.

5. Product supply and product lifecycle maintenance

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Once the product is fully approved by you to be compliant we deliver the product according to your needs and maintain it as long as you need.