The Efore Systems team move to Powernet offices today. This is part of the integration of Efore and Powernet, where the Efore Systems product line is being integrated with Powernet to form Efore Digital Power Systems business line.

Efore Systems product line provides solutions for power supply units and highly customised power supply and power distribution packages. The solutions of the Systems product line are used in demanding applications, such as monitoring and directing electricity transfer and distribution, the production and refining of oil and gas, automation, rail transport, defence, telecommunications and maritime transport.

According to Heikki Viika, CEO and President Powernet Oy and Efore EVP Digital Power Systems “We welcome the Systems team joining us. The combination of the Powernet and Efore teams broadens Powernet’s excellent technical know-how and customer base, and further strengthens the product and system offering. The unit forms a strong platform based on Finnish know-how dating back years, on which the entity can build new and growing business.”

Further information:

Powernet Oy
Heikki Viika, CEO,
tel.: +358 40 5173114

Powernet Oy,
Established in 1992, Powernet Oy is a Finnish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of power supplies, chargers and inverters. Its key customers are found in applications for transportation and demanding industrial needs. The company’s strengths include an Intelligent Charger Technology Platform and Robust Standard and Customer-Specific Power Supply Solutions. Powernet’s strategy is to be the best power supply partner on the European market for selected key accounts. With a turnover around 10M€ our team of 27 professionals is situated in Vantaa, Finland.

Efore Group is an international company which designs and manufactures custom and standard DC power systems and AC/DC power supplies for a wide range of demanding industry applications including telecom, industrial, medical, lighting, utility and military. Efore’s story began in March 1975 in Finland. Since then, Efore has grown from a six person engineering office to a truly global organization, operating on four continents and serving customers worldwide.

Efore’s head office is based in Finland and its sales, marketing and product development units are located in China and Europe. In addition, the group has a sales and marketing unit in the United States. In the fiscal year ending in December 2017, consolidated net sales totaled EUR 69.9 million and the Group’s personnel averaged 432.