Berndt Scahalin ”passes the torch” to Heikki Viika

Heikki Viika new CEO of Powernet

Heikki Viika joins Powernet as new CEO as Berndt Schalin reaches retirement age. Mr Viika brings vast experience from an international career in Bombardier as well as from power supply industry.

Powernet’s development and focus the few last years has centred significantly around the rail industry and working in partnership with major customers solving their power supply needs.

Heikki holds M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology and has done business studies in Helsinki School of Business Economics and IMD/Lausanne. He is experienced in international senior management positions in Bombardier heading globally Engineering, Marketing, Strategy, Sales, and Quality&Safety, as well as holding general management roles as Regional GM for Asia Pacific, and Head of BU London Underground. Subsequently he held the position of President and CEO in another power supply company. Heikki’s background supports Powernet in developing competencies in system integration and the rail industry thus helping to solve the customer’s needs.

Heikki Viika, CEO of Powernet Oy comments “I am delighted to be working with Powernet, this role allows me to use my extensive experience to help moving this great company forward on their strategic path of working in partnership with customers in industry and rail. I would like to thank Berndt for the great reception in Powernet and his help in getting acquainted with the company. He has done a great job bringing the company to a stable forward oriented position.

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