Industrial & utilities

Industrial solutions with highest reliability

Industrial applications call for the highest expertise in power supply development, with strict design requirements and industry-specific design standards, rules and regulations. Powernet has long experience of developing innovative approaches to meet customer expectations. Our solutions rely on switch-mode design topologies.

ADC5000 Series Ruggedized Power Supplies and Battery Chargers

  • Wind power control systems
  • Weather measurement  systems in Nordic conditions
  • Marine battery chargers  and power supplies
  • Various industrial DC-supplies
  • Power generation auxiliary DC-supply
  • Stand-by battery charging solutions
Main features
  • 230/115VAC / 12/24/48VDC
  • 60–250W power ranges
  • Temperature –40°C…+70°C
  • Coated PCB assembly
  • Components supported to stand shocks and vibration
  • O-ring diodes for redundant system configuration
  • Optional DC-input versions

Multi-purpose and flexible Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Rectifiers and Converters

  • Industrial battery chargers and power supplies
  • Various industrial DC-supplies
  • Transportation (Marine, Rail, Electric Vehicles)
  • Auxiliary DC-supply for Telecom and Infrastructure
  • DC/DC converters for typical 110VDC and 220VDC industrial backup systems
Main features
  • 800-3200W power range modules
  • Parallel and Series connectable
  • Wide range of both AC- and DC-input voltages
  • DC-output 0-320VDC
  • Over 100 different versions
  • Optional analog control, temperature compensation and charging algorithms
  • Easy to custom modify

ADA-Series Back Up Power Supplies

  • Security systems
  • Building automation
  • Telecom DC back-up supply
  • Power generation auxiliary DC-supply
  • Industrial auxiliary DC-supply
Main features
  • 230VAC / 12/24/48VDC
  • 60-250W power ranges
  • Batteries included, 2Ah-42Ah
  • Industrially produced
  • Easy to install
  • Safe construction

DAC60000 Inverters

  • Power transmission critical control circuits
  • Oil and Gas industry AC backup
  • Industrial UPS systems
  • Telecom backup supply
  • Data-Center UPS systems
  • Railway track side information system’s backup supply
Main features
  • Scalable power range 1-30kVa
  • 1-phase and 3-phase systems
  • DC Input voltage versions
    24V, 48/60V, 110/125V, 220V
  • True sinus wave AC output
  • Hot swappable, n+1 redundancy
  • SNMP and relays for remote access
  • Field proven reliability