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ADC8000 – Intelligent Charger

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ADC8000 – Intelligent Charger Platform for distributed battery backed-upped systems

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SCADA-view of ADC8000 typical installation building blocks and actual values.

The new Powernet ADC8000 series design platform is intended for distributed battery charger systems in applications like building automation, security systems, smart grids, wind turbines, fire safety systems as well as traffic control and surveillance. Distributed nodes tend to have relatively small chargers and typical power range is 40-1600W, but there is no upper limit set by the technology on the power range. In a broader perspective, the ADC8000 enables an easy and cost efficient connection of distributed battery back-up nodes to the internet of things (IoT).

The extensive data provided by the ADC8000 charger can be accessed remotely from the supervising system and can be used on the other hand to plan predictive maintenance as well as to monitor application critical parameters on-line. The sophisticated state-of-health algorithms are monitoring the back-up batteries continuously and too early or too late replacement of the batteries can be avoided.

Based on the ADC8000 platform our customers will benefit from compact, integrated and cost competitive solutions. We work with our customers to optimise the final products as required, as a minimum the communication interface details will be mutually agreed.

Further details

ADC8000 – Bringing preventive maintenance to battery charger applications
With the help of the ADC8000 platform chargers more data and information can be captured from systems, machines, and devices and made available to supervising IT systems. An intelligent battery charger with fieldbus communication can provide system integrator information that is not available anywhere in system: system power consumption, battery state of charge, battery state of health, currents and voltages. This basic information can be collected and analysed from large network of installed systems. Data can be utilized for increasing robustness, reliability, and predictive maintenance. Several possible application fields are pinpointed in the following application guide.
ADC8000 – State of health (SOH) functionality

ADC8000 platform chargers include a sophisticated software to monitor the state of health(SOH) of the battery in real time. The algorithms are based on the changing behavior of the battery impedance over the life time of the battery. With extensive research and testing Powernet has developed a reliable function to monitor the remaining lifetime of the battery. User settable warning thresholds can then be used to communicate information about the remaining life time or pure alarms to the supervising system.

ADC8000 – Deep Discharge Protection functionality

ADC8000 battery charger devices includes a built in deep discharge protection functionality. Deep discharge protection is used to avoid the battery from discharging too fast and going below the minimum voltage healthy for the battery. Protection is implemented by disconnecting the load at the defined minimum voltage level of the battery, giving the battery time to be recharged before connecting the load again at a higher voltage level.

ADC8000 – Intelligent Charger Product Platform

Please contact Powernet to discuss your application specific needs. The ADC8000 is a custom or semi-custom designed product that will be optimised together with the customer to ensure the proper set of functionality and the correct communication interface. Behind the link you will find an example of an ADC8000 Intelligent Charger Platform Data Sheet.