Powernet and ELIM finds recipe for mutual success in the Russian market

Success on the vast Russian market requires both local presence and local content in the products.
Powernet and ELIM has worked together over 10 years and been able to develop a good model for joint

ELIM provides the local organization for sales, supporting the customer as well as refining the products or
building system solutions for the customers. A fine example of the co-operation is the EL-FA2000-series
power supplies and chargers, that are based on a Powernet core module and then assembled by ELIM in an
IP54 enclosure and adding control panel and display for ease-of-use.

Powernet boasts a large family of standard products which have proven to be very reliable and versatile,
often each user finds a model for their specific needs from Powernet’s portfolio. As the power business is
truly globally local, Powernet has a large family of business partners globally to service and develop the
local customers. ELIM is a prime example of such a partner.

Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “The close cooperation with
ELIM, as a local expert organization, has given Powernet effectively a good access to the Russian market. As
with most successful business relationships our partnership is based on hard work, trust and mutual

Andrey Litvinov, Sales Manager of ELIM says “We first met with Powernet representatives over 10 years
ago. Ever since Powernet has been eager to provide us with technical support and ideas how to expand the
business together. The products that combine Powernet modules and ELIM controllers and enclosures have
proven to bring unique value to the market and gain wide popularity, we are even considering to start
export sales.”

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